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Who are we ?

Just like you, we were about to reach the end of our dental school journey, but the stress of that final roadblock was always hovering over us- the National Dental Board Examination (NDEB). While preparing for the exam ourselves we found there was a lack of resources that was specific to the Canadian dental board exam and lack of explanations. Being dental students, it was difficult for us to spend  thousands of dollars on in-person courses and we were looking for other resources to supplement our studying from the exam bank. We were surprised that in this time and age, there were no online resources for the NDEB. That is when we decided to create Dentist2B. The fruit of hundreds of hours of researching concepts from the NDEB exam bank and formulating our own questions with answers to the questions we were asking.  

Our mission is to sincerely help all the students writing the NDEB have that extra help to give them more confidence walking into that exam. It took us some time to set up our own professional team and That’s exactly why we are always on the lookout for opportunities to provide to our users to help their transition into private practice easier. 

We hope you like the service we are providing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to answer any questions.

Dentist2B Co-founders:  Ricky and Zeyad


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