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Why Dentist 2B?


We are on a mission to make the transition from dental school or overseas dental degrees as easy as possible to all applicants writing the Canadian dental board exams (NDEB). We have looked into various references to provide you with an effective adjunct to your studies for the board exams.

We recognize that passing the board exams is not the end of the line, its just the beginning of your journey. That’s why the Lounge is the perfect place to build your professional team and find discounts on Continuing education courses and help transition into practice.

We have a money back guarantee if you don’t pass the boards! At Dentist 2B believe that practice makes perfect. Utilise our high yielding topics and answers to crush your board exam. Don’t believe us? Take a look at what our previous users have had to say.

Why the Lounge ?

Having a professional team of advisors, accountants, etc. is essential for every newly licensed dentist. We aim to help connect new dentists in Canada with the various professionals and services needed within the first years of practice.

 By signing up to the lounge you display your services to people in the dental industry who are looking to build their professional team. Professional team connections are displayed in public and are FREE of charge for our users and for clients to apply to the lounge. We are striving to help our users and our clients build exposure and make the most connections.


Continuing Education Discounts

 We believe that learning never stops and the first years of practice in dentistry are very important for the growing clinician to expand their knowledge and clinical skills beyond dental school.  That is why we aim to give our users discounts to amazing CE courses to & help guide them towards taking more CE courses.

All our Continuing education course providers are extremely generous and share our vision of helping young dental graduates. We are quite privileged to have educators on our platform that provide such great quality education and are interested to help the newly qualified dentists in Canada. 


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  • 6. Provide a short description of your business and services to be displayed on our website

  • 7. What incentive are you providing the students/new graduates to use your service? Common examples include free consultation, free initial tax return, 20% off a course. (Be sure to mention the promo code if there is one ie. Dentist2b10%off)