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We simply care because we were in your position not long ago. Our platform is very affordable and better equips you to tackle your exams with confidence. We are on a mission to make the transition from dental school as easy as possible to all applicants writing the Canadian dental board exams (NDEB). Our content is supervised by licensed Canadian dentists and serves you as an effective adjunct to your studies for the board exams. Here is what some of our users have had to say.

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At Dentist 2B we believe that completing the boards is just the beginning of your journey. That is why we have created a platform to help our students transition into the workfield seamlessly. Here is a glimpse of the connections and discounts that will be available to you.

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Daniel DiManno

Location: Toronto

As an accounting firm for Dentists in Toronto, we offer a wide range of accounting, tax and advisory services to meet your needs regardless of the stage at which you are in within your dentistry career. Our team of Chartered Accountants is highly experienced in all aspects of dental accounting, tax, and advisory services. We understand that as a Dentist or dental practice owner, you want more from your Chartered Accountant than just a set of financial statements or corporate tax return preparation. As a client of Capstone LLP, you will gain the benefit of regular access to our experienced Chartered Accountants and dental industry experts. Our team can provide you with general business and tax advice, as well as assistance with purchasing, opening or selling a dental practice.

Dentist 2B Offer: Free consultation, and reduced fees for first year business owners.

Khalid Hindi

Location: Ontario

Dental Application Services

Your resume is more than a list of your accomplishments - it must ultimately convince the reader of the value you bring to an organization. Your skills, prior experiences, and hard-earned results should be highlighted in a compelling way that makes the employer think “these characteristics will make my team better”! I can help transform your strong qualities and experiences into potent statements that employers want to see.

DENTIST 2B Offer: 70% Off

Access Endo by Dr. Brett Gilbert

I have a vision to help dentists all over the world build  their confidence in endodontics and improve their personal lives! I’m sure you can agree that there are not a lot of opportunities to find endodontic instruction that is convenient and available on-demand. This is why I created Access Endo: Coaching - Collaboration - Community!  It is an on demand library of video and audio modules that also incorporates LIVE learning events! There is a need for more in depth education, especially for those of you just beginning your journey in dentistry or revisiting how endodontics could help your practice grow!
DENTIST 2B Discount: 10% off Membership Subscription

Resume Builder

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably been too busy studying the past few years that you’ve put your resume on the backburner. Let our partners help you with your resume!

Financial Advising and Health Insurance

We have partnered with the best personnel to help you protect your assets. By assets we mean your health, hands and finances. Let us introduce you to financial advisors, accountants, health consultants and lawyers that specifically deal with dentists.

Legal Aid

Our partners will provide you with the legal support to help you transition into that perfect associate role or practice ownership.

Continuing Education Courses & Offers

Dental school is over, but your dental journey has just started. Get amazing deals to CE courses and dental products to help kickstart your dental journey!

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Create an account and take a test for free.

Create an account and take a test for free.

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