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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dentist 2B endorsed by NDEB ?

Dentist 2B Inc. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, or endorsed in anyway by the National Dental Examination Board of Canada. All questions re independently formulatd with aid from the referenced texts.

How long does my membership last ?

 Your membership is valid for 3 months. If you wish to reactivate your membership after its expiry, a $ 100 fee applies for another 3 month renewal

What happens if I fail my NDEB written Examination ?

In case of failure of the written examination. A full refund will be issued and a 25% discount offered for a new subscription.

How do I use Dentist 2B resources for studying?

All Dentist 2B answers are referenced so that you can refer back to the references for resources. We highy suggest spending as much time as necessary and learn the main concepts behind the questions as explained in the references.

How do I use the personal statistics ?

The statistics help you assess your strengths and weaknesses. Compare your progress and asess when categpty you are strongest or weakest in. Also compare how you performed in each exam and in each category to your peers. 

What happens when I contact someone on the lounge?

When interested in any member of the lounge and a contact message has been sent. The lounge member receives an email through our servers. Any other further emails is between you and the lounge member.

Why are not all the discount codes & offers displayed in the lounge?

There are multiple lounge members who prefer to give discount codes after email is already sent 

Is the OSCE section of the exam also part of Dentist2B ?

We are happy to say that our OSCE section is now complete and ready to use!

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